We desperately need a Wifi Battle finder again x_x

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It feels like absolute luck when i find a someone to battle with 6v6 smogon tiers on Wi-Fi with. trying to find wi-fi battles is a pain. i can try asking for one on all my discord groups im in, as well as hitting up the pokemon showdown chats and get one reply if im lucky. even if it's just for OU forget about lower tiers. the problem with chats and FC groups when it comes to finding someone to battle with is just that they might have lots of people on them but at all times how many people are actually on the chat and would be down to battle if they saw someone asking for one. not to mention if you ask in every chat you might get two people who actually want to battle but then you have to tell one or more that you found someone all ready. or they might be up for a battle but you asked a few hours ago and now your not home. the point is that the pokemon community is seriously missing a wifi battle finder. the one that smogon had years ago was perfect. It was amazing because it was a place everyone knew about and not just a chat were your "LF wi-fi OU battle" would get pushed up and lost. everyone on there was there for the same reason and you could open a room or if someone had a room open with the tier you wanted to play just join them. if anyone here remembers the old wi-fi battle finder smogon had you remember just how good that was for finding someone to do a 6v6 battle with.

I really do think the pokemon community needs a wi-fi battle finder. i know we got showdown but lots of people want to play on the 3ds with the animations. so if anyone out there knows how to program a battle finder like how smogon used to have or like smash ladder has please try and make one. it's been just way to long.


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Well someone was working on a new battlefinder about 4 months ago but nothing ever came about when they asked if it could be hosted on the site and that's really the big hurdle here. The creators of the original battle finder were admins who were programmers for the site and had more access to certain parts of it on the old VBulletin forum software we used to use as opposed to now that we're on xenforo and don't have the same free reign to add features like this. Not to mention we're short on programmers with free time as is. So people can keep asking but it's just likely not going to happen anytime soon if ever again here.
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