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Last Activity:
Aug 17, 2017 at 5:36 AM
Oct 2, 2011
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is a Past SPL Champion

Today?? May 18, 2016

Fakes was last seen:
Aug 17, 2017 at 5:36 AM
    1. Bad Ass
      Bad Ass
      can we play on sunday? any time really is fine -- i plan to be busy saturday and i need a bit more time to prep. i could also do friday evening eastern time.
    2. CyberOdin
      u there ?
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      2. CyberOdin
        hi fakes, can u play now ?
        May 25, 2017
      3. Pearl
        May 25, 2017
      4. Fakes
        yes i am can u play now
        May 25, 2017
    3. CyberOdin
      Can u play today Fake ?
    4. MetalGro$$
      flcl is free to play this saturday and sunday for roapl. reply with times you're active or catch him on smogtours
    5. Kushalos
      you wanna play roapl and smog classic tomorrow?
    6. Jirachee
      hey bro would you like to play thursday or friday? gmt -4 btw
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      2. Jirachee
        well idk if u forgot or smth but tomorrow same time should work man
        May 11, 2017
      3. Fakes
        Ye Perfect sorry was out yday:)
        May 12, 2017
      4. Jirachee
        I'm slick rachee on smogtours man
        May 12, 2017
    7. silver ghost
      silver ghost
      hey man, when would you like to play for roapl? im gmt - 3
    8. Contact
      Hey man Looks like we gotta play for ADV Cup, when can you play? I'm GMT -7 and should be free most if not all of the week this week.
    9. Frania
      hi when do u want to play for the bw cup? im gmt +2, should be free most of the week since i have holidays, still it would be nice if we could play early
    10. Tom0410
      Can you play sunday after 10pm gmt +2 ?
    11. Colchonero
      Hey i saw that u pmd me on smogtours but i was having lunch, and needed to finish fast and go to work, im in my mobile phone rn. So, want to schedule for some specific time? I can to play today between 8:30 pm and 1 am, same for tomorrow. I should have more time on weekend, cant tell you a specific time for the weekend tho.
    12. Tom0410
      Can you play thursday evening/night for roapl ?
      1. Tom0410
        are you alive ?
        Apr 28, 2017
      2. Tom0410
        Can you play a bit later ? Because I'll be not available at 8pm finally. Around 10pm.
        Apr 29, 2017
      3. Tom0410
        Even 11pm I think hmm.
        Or tomorrow around 11pm (gmt+2) if possible :x
        Apr 29, 2017
    13. Tom0410
      Hi I'm waiting you for bw cup n_n
    14. Not Troller
      Not Troller
      Hi, we are paired for gsc cup, i'm gmt +2 and will be more free on weekend, but i can try earlier if you need
    15. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      What score did you win by in RBY CUp?
    16. Jimmy Turtwig
      Jimmy Turtwig
      Hey we play for adv cup right? Gmt +2 still, when fight :J
    17. A Hero's Destiny
      A Hero's Destiny
      rby tour im -3, when are you free
    18. 0Nl
      im ur opponent for week 3 powcup. When can we play ? im gmt+2 and im free after wednesday
    19. Hangover
      Hey now I can on Saturday, what about at 2 pm? Also I can earlier at 9 am my time!
      1. Hangover
        u there?
        Apr 7, 2017
    20. Hangover
      hey we are match for RoA PL! I'm GMT-3 . Would you like to play on Friday 3PM/4PM my time?
    21. Sas0
      Im free now :3 when is cool for u?
    22. Foggi
      We meet for powc week1 adv bro, when u wanna Play?
    23. McMeghan
      when are we playing for spl? saturday/sunday works best for me, best times would be during the night or mornings with my current schedule, afternoons/evenings will prob not work
      1. Pearl
        the wall of shame
        Mar 21, 2017
      2. Pearl
        welcome to it
        Mar 21, 2017
    24. d0nut
      Hey, we play for spl this week. My time zone is GMT-6 (will be GMT-5 from Sunday onward because of daylight savings.) I'm mostly available during the weekend, but we can set something up earlier in the week if needed. Sometime between 1-4pm my time on Saturday or Sunday would be easiest for me, but I'm fairly flexible during weekends if that doesn't work.
    25. idiotfrommars
      We need to fight for SPL. I would prefer early afternoon GMT -5 on either Saturday or Sunday. Do either of those days work for you?
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